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I have a great grandmother (Jeltje Bakker) and two of her children ( Antje and Jan Douma) who all died on Feb 20 1913 and are buried in Oldelamer, Westsellingwerf, Friesland.  I also have a newspaper article from Feb 2013 where one of my great uncles is visiting those graves so I know that they should be there, but I can't find them on this site.  I'm wondering why they aren't here and if there is some other way that I can find them.  Thanks.  And I appologize for my English - I can read a bit of Dutch but cant write it as I came to Canada as a very young child.


Re: Missing gravestones

Hello Aukje,

In Oldelamer I have made all the grafstone pictures.
From this 3 people I have no pictures, why ???.
Newspaper article I have found with google.
Oldelamer has a Club, where I have asked or they
can help my on this pictures.
When I get them, I send de pictures to You and
to graftombe.
Don't send my your email adress, I can get that, because
I am the moderator of Graftombe.
Learning English I did for 60 years ago.

I hope to get the pictures.
Greetings Cor


Re: Missing gravestones

https://www.delpher.nl/nl/kranten/view? … eg21:a0126

Also a newsppaper article.

https://www.delpher.nl/nl/kranten/view? … eg21:a0055

an annonce from this 3 people.



Re: Missing gravestones

Thank you Cor - I look forward to seeing them.  Here is the article that I referred to:  https://stellingwerf.nl/artikel/263393/ … drama.html


Re: Missing gravestones

Hello Aukje,

I am waiting for an answer from the Oldelamer Club.

Greetings, Cor