Onderwerp: Looking for Terneuzen Z-Begrpl location


My name is Kostas and I am writing from Greece.

Apologies for using English, but I don't speak Dutch.

I recently found that my grandfather's grave probably still exists in Terneuzen and I would like to ask if anyone can point out on Google maps where is the cemetery "Terneuzen Z-Begrpl".
The information is here: https://www.graftombe.nl/names/info/998080/pappas

On the photo, next to the stone I see these numbers:

I'd really like to visit the grave, so any help finding it would be highly appreciated!



Re: Looking for Terneuzen Z-Begrpl location

Hello Kostas,

I have found the cemetry is :  Bellamystraat 28C

Copy and past the total link.
https://www.google.nl/maps/place/Bellam … d3.8462453

Or you search on Google maps :  Terneuzen Bellamystraat 28C

For the pictures you can ask :  go to 858C and click on: Voeg foto toe aan aanvraaglijst
Also for the other 2  and then :  bekijk de aanvraaglijst  then verzend uw aanvraag  and OK.
You get he picctures in your emailbox.

Greetings from Cor
Nederland / the Netherlands


Re: Looking for Terneuzen Z-Begrpl location

I have the photo, so I hope to find the grave when I visit Terneuzen!

Thanks for your help!